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Learn to create cake masterpieces on your own. Carrie has several instructional DVDs available for sale that will teach you how to work with fondant, gum paste & chocolate modeling clay. Master the tools and create unique designs using Cricut Cakes.

Carrie's Cakes

Your choice in wedding cake design makes a statement about your personality and sense of style. It should reflect you and your good taste. You may choose a sophisticated elegant look. Or show your playfulness and sense of humor as in the case of "whimsical" styles. It should also fit well with the location, the decorating, and ambience which you have created for your reception.

Our reputation, experience, and techniques enable us to create the perfect cake for you. We specialize in the latest techniques using "rolled fondant", which gives you the smooth porcelain like finish so popular today. Choose from simple designs, to elaborate multi-tiered masterpieces.

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